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I am Yoko Komiya, a licensed massage therapist based in New Jersey.

My practice philosophy is threefold: first, I make sure you are relaxed; second, I make sure you are comfortable with light pressure; and third, once the first two are in place, I introduce my original East meets West blend of therapeutic aromas of essential oils made from Chinese herbs.

Gua-sha Massage combines elements of Eastern medicine with Western aromatherapy and transforms the Chinese herbs from that which is taken by mouth into one which is applied onto the skin as an aromatic oil. Light pressure is applied during the massage session and the scent of the aromatic oils will lead you into a state of relaxation which will place the body on the road to detoxification.

The types of massage therapy I offer are not commonly offered at other salons. My original massages incorporate the gua-sha massage which is performed with a trigger point tool made of jade or water buffalo horn. I also offer a form of Swedish massage using Chinese medicinal aromatic oils that are known energy supplements. The oils and lotions that I use during massages are all-natural and the tools used during the gua-sha massage are also all-natural.  

I am also giving extra care to the promotion of prenatal and postnatal maternal massage to nurture a healthy body and soul. I take special care in utilizing only the finest all-natural fragrance-free sweet almond oil during the maternity massages as your skin is in a delicate state during this time.  

I look forward to meeting each and every one of you!

Yoko Komiya, LMT, CMCP, Reiki & IH Practitioner, IKC Certificate of Proficiency of Touch For Health






妊娠中、産後に健やかな心身を保つためのマタニティマッサージもございます。お肌が敏感になるマタニティマッサージでは無添加、無香料のスイートアーモンドオイルを使用します。また、マッサージの最中に体勢がつらくならないよう、Body Cushion Systemというクッションでお腹や骨盤などをサポートし、60分のマッサージを心地よく過ごしていただけるよう配慮しております。





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